Wndows Storage Server 2012 for Embedded Systems

Windows Storage Server 2012 is the Windows Server 2012 platform of choice for network-attached storage (NAS) appliances offered by Microsoft partners. Windows Storage Server 2012 delivers excellent economics for a shared storage solution by leveraging industry standard hardware matched with robust storage capabilities. It delivers continuous availability that is designed to protect from a range of failures and prevent downtime in a scalable and reliable manner.


High-performance and Reliable File
Storage for Virtualization and
With Windows Storage Server® 2012 you can deploy and manage storage for server applications such as Hyper-V, SQL and IIS in the same manner you manage storage for traditional file serving. Windows Storage Server 2012 helps reduce the cost of storage significantly by delivering FiberChannel/SAN-like performance on industry-standard hardware with excellent throughput and multiple redundant paths from the server to the storage. In addition, it includes advanced capabilities such as on-line corruption repairs and storage pooling to enhance its reliability. Best of all, your organization will be able to leverage existing skillsets and easily deploy, manage and provision application storage in the same way as it would for their file shares
Flexible, Cost-effective Options for
Shared Storage
Windows Storage Server 2012 includes a robust range of file serving and storage capabilities. It addresses heterogeneous environments, enables more efficient storage utilization and is delivered as a turnkey, file based storage solution on industry standard hardware. Delivering a similar level of performance and reliability as more expensive storage solutions, it offers unified storage with support for both file (SMB and NFS) and block (iSCSI) protocols, allows for a flexible mix of configurations and enables efficient storage utilization with thin provisioning and data de-duplication technologies. Allowing you to manage storage in the same way as Windows Server workloads, Windows Storage Server 2012 takes advantage of your Windows Server management skill sets and tools including Active Directory, PowerShell and System Center.
Continuous Availability for Enterprise-
class operation
Help reduce costs, increase hardware utilization, optimize business infrastructure, improve server availability, and enhance their productivity with Hyper-V, powerful virtualization technology that enables businesses to take advantage of virtualization’s benefits, for your intelligent systems.

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