NetClon is network-based media duplicator and wiper that enables to duplicate, wipe and and manage the original image through network interface without separation the storage from device in the world only


  • Network-based duplication and wipe( RJ-45 port)
  • Duplicate, wipe and manage without separation disk from target device
  • Duplicate and wipe regardless of disk type and interface of target device
  • Manage by image file of back up
  • Support simultaneous duplication function of the same image suitable for mass production and maintenance
  • Support individual image duplication function by product suitable for small quantity batch production and maintenance
  • Automatic duplication when connecting by image file registration and settings by model of duplication target device
  • After secure wipe, create a report for details of work automatically
  • After secure wipe, proceed with automatic duplication and after completion, support the automatic closing


Model name NetClon Portable NetClon NCI000-08IL NetClon NCI000-16HL
Part No. 5 8 16
Dimension 250mm * 140mm * 65mm 340mm * 365mm * 165mm 390mm * 365mm * 151mm
Weight 16kg 5kg 9.6kg
Power 60W/Full range (100-240) 120W/Full range (100-240) 700W/Full range(100-240)
Display 800 * 600 color LCD/touch screen 800 * 600 color LCD / touch screen 800 * 600 color LCD / touch screen
Internal Storage SSD 250G SSD 500G SSD 500G
Ports USB 2.0 * 3, eSATA*2 USB32.0 * 2, eSATA*1
Network 2 * 1000 base – t
Duplication/ Wipe speed 7GB/m – 20GB/m
User interface Window-based full GUI
Support BUS type Gigabit Network
Support File system Windows (NTFS, FAT16.32), Linux * Ext2/3/4, ReiserFS, XFS, btrfs)
Support media All media (HDD, SSD, Compact Flash, SecureDigital, mSATA, NGEE, etc

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