NeoLinkTM is a software solution which can connect the smartphone and the car infotainment system supporting the global standard. NeoLinkTM makes applications in the smartphone utilized in the car through the connection between the smartphone and car infotainment system without disconnection


  • Support USB (mandatory), Bluetooth and Wifi (optional)
  • Compatible with MirrorLink specification 1.1
  • Includes self-implemented full protocol stacks : VNC, RTP, CDB, UPnP, DAP and NCM
  • No need to develop the extra application due to utilizing the application in the smartphone   at the car infotainment system under the same environment
  • Support multiple platforms such as Android, Windows Embedded CE, and Linux
  • Support USB cable or Wi-Fi connection
  • Support various user interfaces like screen touch, wheel, and button
  • Global standard solution following P2C (Phone-to-Car) service standard enacted by CCC   (The Car Connectivity Consortium)
  • Provide high security with the smartphone searching and VNC data transceiver Algorithm


  • Linux, Android, Windows CE 6.x/Windows 7.x are already available for high end AVN
  • RTOSes(Nucleus, iRTOS, MQX) will be available in Q2/Q3 2013 for mid-entry Level AVN
  • Processors : ARM Architecture based SoCs(ARM11, Cortex) such as Freescale i.MX, Telechips TCC

Certification & Interoperability

  • Certified reference system is compatible with MirrorLink specification 1.0.1
  • Tested with certified smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S3, Nokia N9

How to operate

  • Display : Show the screen of mobile cell phone in the head unit in the car → VNC Client
  • Control : Control application by delivering user input to the mobile cell phone through the head unit in the car → UPnP Remote UI, VNC Client 
  • Audio, Voice : Deliver full-duplex audio based on RTP and Bluetooth → RTP/Bluetooth based Audio Client

Main technology elements

Supported Platforms

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