NEOSTM RTOS is a real-time OS for embedded systems, which is developed by MDS Technology. It has been already embedded in various commercial products and the reliability has been proven through our customers. Also, NEOSTM RTOS is a stable and economic RTOS which is optimized for multimedia devices, DMB, Navigation, SoC, etc.


  • Multi-thread Kernel
    Unlimited thread creation
    Fast context-switching time
  • Pre-emptive Real-time Scheduling
    Fast context-switching time
    Fixed priority based pre-emptive scheduling
    FIFO or Round-robin scheduling within same priority level
    256 level priority
    Prevention of priority inversion mechanism
  • Fast and Flexible Interrupt Handling
    Minimal interrupt latency
    Multiple interrupt handler registration for single interrupt source (Interrupt Chain)
    Interrupt handling by threads
  • Rich Inter-thread Communication
    Message Queue
    Event Flag
  • Modular, Dynamic Structure
    Target image configuration with easy configurator
    Dynamic loading and execution of applications and kernel module
    Remote firmware upgrade support
    User-defined kernel extension framework
  • POSIX Standard API Add-on
    POSIX 1003.13 PSE52
    POSIX 1
    POSIX 1b (real-time extension)
    POSIX 1c (pthread)
    POSIX 2/2a (file system)

Advantages & Benefits

  • Small memory footprint
    Smaller than 1/5 of embedded Linux based on the same configuration
  • Modular kernel
    Easy configuration and optimization with modularized kernel architecture.
  • Robust real-time performance
    Pre-emptive real-time scheduler with QoS support to in-time response.
  • Easy-to-port
    Minimal hardware dependent codes for easy porting process.
  • Various middleware support
    Smaller than 1/5 of embedded Linux based on the same configuration
  • Specialized technical support
    Various API libraries based on industry standards.
  • Convenient development environment
    10 years experience and know-how in embedded development solution to reduce time-to-market.
  • Source code included
    Fast debugging with included source codes. 

Target Markets

Applicable to a wide range of areas with its robust kernel and various middleware

System requirement

Processor Cores ARM9 (Samsung, ATMEL ……)
ARM7 (Samsung, Hynix, ATMEL ……)
XScale PXA25x/PXA27x (Intel)
i386 compatibles
Host Environment Windows® 2000/XP
RedHat® Linux Workstation 3/4


Kernel Core

  • Thread Manager : easy to create, use and manage
  • Real-time Scheduler : memory region / partition
  • Dynamic Memory Manager : easy to create, use and manage
  • Synchronization : Semaphore/Mutex/Message queue
  • Interrupt Service Mechanism without latency Alarm, Timer, Event Flag

Kernel Sub-systems

  • Dynamic Module Loader : run-time object / library loading
  • Symbol Manager : symbol table management for dynamic loading
  • Time Manager : system time management
  • Virtual File System : standard file IO system
  • TCP/IP Network Protocols : NetBSD IPv4
  • IO system : standard device IO system
  • Debug Agent : target agent for debugging
  • NEOS Shell : user interface for system commands and user-defined commands 

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