Windows Embedded Compact 2013

Windows Embedded Compact 2013 is ideal for powering some of the smallest industry devices, such as programmable logic controllers and human-machine interface panels used to monitor processes in manufacturing, RFID scanners in retail environments, and portable ultrasound machines and diagnostic lab equipment in healthcare settings. When these devices are connected via the cloud to backend systems, the resulting intelligent system generates data that can be harnessed and analyzed to provide actionable insight for the enterprise. That data is considered the new currency of business.


Ease of development Familiar tools like Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 and Expression Blend allow you to create attractive and intuitive user interfaces, and bring differentiated devices to market faster than ever before.
Flexible architeture Real-time operating system supports an array of hardware requirements and key processor architectures, including x86 and ARM, to power everything from tiny controls to fully automated factories.
Robust and secure Improved file-system performance gives companies confidence that their devices will always be available; the one -tier security feature is SDL compliant, with reliable wireless connectivity and networking.
Strong partner support Thousands of developers and partners, such as Monotype, Bsquare, Adeneo, and Silicon Vendors such as Texas Instruments, AMD and Freescale provide support to realize unique solution requirements.

What's new?

Headless Cabinet (*.cab)
File Installer/Uninstaller
Provides the command-line cabinet file installer that allows you to install or uninstall applications on a headless device, such as via a Telnet session.
Shell API Provides the Shell API.
CJK Sort Provides Unicode code-point value for CJK ideographic characters.
Sample File System Driver (FSD) Provides a sample FSD, which is a DLL that provides file-system entry points that map to APIs, such as CreateFile and CreateDirectory.
Sample Block Driver Provides a sample RAM-backed, or non-persistent, block driver.
ATAPI Bus Adapter Support Provides on-board PCI ATA/ATAPI host bus adapter support. ATA hard disk drive, CD/DVD, and peripheral PCI Promise PDC40518 host bus adapter.
Compact Disk File System (CDFS) Provides support for reading data from a CD that is in an attached CD drive.
IPv6 Tunnels Provides IPv6 tunnels.
IP Network Address
Translator (NAT)
Provides IP NAT.
USB Modem Class Driver Provides the USB class driver that supports USB modem class devices.
Secure Digital I/O (SDIO)
Global Positioning System
Allows support for an SDIO GPS device.
OBEX Client Samples Provides samples that illustrates how to establish and manage FTP services over OBEX.
OBEX Server Samples Provides sample parsers for the OBEX server.
Bluetooth Profile
Management APIs
Provides the common APIs for basic Bluetooth profile operations such as discovery, enable, disable, connect, and disconnect.
Bluetooth Modem sample Adds the sample bluetooth modem.
Bluetooth Synchronous
Connection Oriented (SCO)
audio driver
Adds the sample SCO audio driver.
Sample Persistent Registry
Provides a sample persistent registry driver (oemfs) that works with password data.
IME Sample Provides a Japanese IME starter sample.
SOAP Toolkit client support Adds SOAP Toolkit client support that enables Web services invocation.
SOAP Toolkit server support Adds SOAP Toolkit server support that maps Web service requests to COM method calls.
SOAP proxy Adds SOAP proxies for DCOM.
Bluetooth service sample Adds the Bluetooth service sample.
Bluetooth Samples Adds various Bluetooth samples.
OMA-CP Configuration
Provisions a Windows Embedded Compact powered device by using an Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Client Provisioning (OMA-CP) XML file.
Uninstall Configuration
Service Provider (CSP)
Configures settings that are used when you uninstall an application from the device.
Device Management Service Interacts with the Configuration Manager and configuration service providers to access and change device settings.
Install Configuration Service
Provider (CSP)
Configures settings that are used when you install an application on a device.
File Configuration Service
Provider (CSP)
Helps to manage and implement security for files and directories on the device by using an OMA-CP XML file.
Metabase Configuration
Service Provider (CSP)
Configures settings for obtaining information from the metabase.
Display Configuration
Service Provider (CSP)
Configures device settings for the display and backlight by using an OMA-CP XML file.
Sound scheme Configuration
Service Provider (CSP)
Configures settings for the system sound scheme on the device.
Regional settings
Configuration Service
Provider (CSP)
Configures regional settings on the device.
Clock Configuration
Service Provider (CSP)
Configures device settings for the clock by using an OMA-CP XML file.
Hypertext Markup Language
(HTML) Help engine control
Provides a simple help viewer designed to display HTML help files.
Color Conversion Transform
Provides the DirectShow color conversion transform filter, for situations where the still image or video decoder itself doesn`t support built-in color-conversion.
DirectX Media Object
(DMO) Support
Provides core support for DirectX Media Objects (DMOs), which are COM-based data-streaming components.
URL Reader Source Filter Provides a source filter to retrieve a data stream via a URL.
Sample Applications and
Provides a collection of sample DirectShow filters and applications, with source code.
Error Report Generator
(kdmp) support
Generates an on-device error report (.kdmp) upon a second-chance exception. This report is useful for post-mortem debugging.
C Runtime Library Provides the C Runtime (CRT) Library components necessary to build and run applications.
Standard C Library Provides the Standard C library components necessary to build and run applications.
SMP Support When  set  to 1, excludes symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) support from the kernel.
The Microsoft Foundation
Class (MFC) Library
Provides support for creating a Windows Embedded Compact application based on MFC.

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