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Total solution for system and data backup/recovery and disk cloning. It works perfectly on different devices like UMPC, POS, ATM and desktop computers. This can be very useful in manufacturing industries and companies providing after-sales services and even for personal computers.


WinClon Embedded Version creates a back-up space exclusively for WinClon in the disk where Windows is installed and carries out the function of backing up / restoring Windows. Once WinClon Embedded is installed, Windows can be easily restored.

Full/Partial backup/restore Supports entire disk backup/ restore or selected ids partition
Various OS and file systems support Windows: FAT32/NTFS
Linux: Ex2/3, ReiserFS
Also supports Windows Linux systems
ISO backup image file Backup files can be saved as an ISO file which can be burned as bootable DVD
Image compression Provides various compression levels
Useful for environments with limited storage
Bare metal restore Restores system or data even without installation using bootable WinClon flash disk
Safe recovery area Allows creation of a password-protected, hidden recovery area where you can securely store backup image files
Simple and very accessible Designed through simple graphical interface and comes with shortcut keys for greater accessibility

Product Edition Comparison

Features WInClon Basic WinClon Standard WinClon Premium WinClon Enterprise
Recovery Area
Installation of recovery area Must be created
Possible backup/recovery without recovery area
Initial status backup Create backup image first which can not be deleted by user in recovery area
User backup Automatic full system backup using keyboard shortcuts in recovery area
Full system drive backup on user selected drive
Manual Full system backup(Supports MBR backup)
Manual backup on selected drives
Initial restore Restore initial status using keyboard shortcut key
Automatic restore of whole system drive using keyboard shortcut
Full system drive restore on user selected drive
Full disk restore
Select drive restore
MBR restore
Cloning Function Full disk cloning
Selective drive cloning
Admin function Changeable keyboard shortcuts for recovery area
Accessible command windows
Creation/ recreation of recovery area
Creation/ modification of initial backup image
Partition manager function [VISTA, XP]
Data backup Function

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