The MISRA C/C++ Guidelines provide a rich resource of practical advice on the subject of good development practice as well as a comprehensive set of coding rules for the C/C++ language. The rules define a safer subset of the language suitable for any development project where safety, quality or reliability are issues of concern.


The MISRA C Guidelines
  • A  set  of coding guidelines for development in C
  • A  set  of rules which define a safer subset  of the C language
  • A resource of guidance in good development practice
  • A reference book describing common dangers and language vulnerabilities
  • A text book providing education about code quality issue
Automated MISRA C Compliance
  • Compliance Modules providing integrated, flexible configuration for QAC
  • Enforcement of MISRA C:1998 / 2004 / 2012 coding rules
  • Custom rule support
  • Enhanced compliance management via QA Verify – deviate, review,annotate and audit
MISRA C††  Key Facts
  • Fully integrated MISRA C†† compliance for QAC††
  • Highest available enforcement of MISRA-C††:2008 coding standard
  • Project based compliance reporting to the MISRA-C††:2008 standard
  • Fully configurable to customer projects
  • PRQA is a founding member of the MISRA committee
MISRA C††  Qualites
  • Eliminate undefined behaviour
  • Eliminate or mitigate implementation defined behaviour
  • Improve clarity for review and maintenance.
  • Provide a consistent style across a program or  set  of programs
  • Avoid common programmer errors
  • Incorporate good practice, particularly with regard to `future proofing`

Key benefits

  • High-quality enforcement of MISRA C coding rules
  • Accurate detection of non-compliances with minimal false positives
  • Reporting and audit documentation to demonstrate compliance
  • Improved software quality
  • More consistent and effective code inspections
  • Accelerated adoption of coding best practices
  • Adopt safe usage of C††  language
  • Enforce and report on an effective coding standard and best practices
  • Comprehensive integrated advice on the guidelines
  • Improve your software integrity
  • Applicable to all software domains –initiated by the automotive industry
  • Audit document to prove adherence to the standard

Technical specifications

MIRA Compliance module The same experts who helped to write the MISRA C Guidelines and support our customers in the field also develop our PRQA static analysis tools and compliance modules. This is undoubtedly one of the key reasons behind our exceptional performance in relation to MISRA C.

  • MISRA C:1998
  • MISRA C:2004
  • MISRA C:2012

Each compliance module applies the extensive QAC message  set  supplemented by some additional MISRA-specific checks to enforce the coding rules. Documentation is provided describing rule enforcement and message interpretation, and an extensive  set  of example code is included to aid understanding.

MIRA-C++ Compliance Module PRQA, the world leader in coding standard enforcement and language-based static analysis, offers a compliance module for its industry-leading QAC analysis tool to enforce the MISRA-C coding standard.QA MISRA C continues our excellence in the highest possible enforcement of standards.

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