McAfee Application Control vs Microsoft AppLocker

McAfee Application Control is also compatible with some of the Windows Embedded operating system key features. Microsoft AppLocker software is an easy to deploy, enterprise ready application white-listing solution has limited platform support and capability and manage while


  • Better Security
  • Scalability & low memory footprint
  • Wide range of platform Support
  • Ease of Operation
Features McAfee Application Control Microsoft AppLocker
Platform support for Windows XP, Windows 2000 & Linux
Gold image comparison
Buffer overflow protection and change prevention
Trusted users
Trusted path, trusted publisher
Trusted updater
Active directory integration
Centralized management in workgroup environment
White-listing(Python, Perl and similar)/ Strong
Learning Mode
Proven performance managing huge number of nodes
Performance : Low memory footprint
Third party validation, NSS and NCR certification
Centralized reporting

The McAfee Application Control solution provides enterprise class features, like: ease of operation, security, lower cost of deployment, and scalability.

1. Ease of Operation
  • C reate Application Control Policies for entire organization with learning mode feature
  • Compare individual white-lists on every endpoint against approved and trusted Gold Image to identify the drift
  • Integrate with the existing change management process to automatically white-list new version of existing applications or new software.
2. Lower deployment cost Supports wide range of operating systems and hence customers are not forced to upgrade their operating system
3. Proven, scalable and secure solution with centralized reporting
  • Low memory foot p rint and proven deployment on huge number of endpoints
  • Memory Protection prevents buffer overflow and hence provides better security
  • Centralized reporting provides visibility across the organization

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