Swissbit DRAM Modules – Ruggedized DIMMS

Designers of rugged platforms face a difficult decision when planning their memory layout. Either they use DRAM components directly soldered to the system board, the most rugged but also expensive and inflexible solution, or they take standard SODIMMs and try to ruggedize them by using straps or glue in order to fix them in their socket.


Memory down SODIMM with fixture XR-DIMM
Design in / Layout Difficult Easy Easy
Flexibility of memory population Difficult Easy Easy
Testa bility after soldering Medium Easy Easy
Upgrade / Repair Difficult Easy Easy
Required board space Small to Medium Medium to Small Medium to Small
Stac kable solution No Yes Yes
Protection against shock Good Medium (with glue / strap) Good
Protection against Vibration Good Bad Good
MEMORY COST Low to Medium Low Medium

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