NeoIDM is an IoT platform for managing IoT devices based on the international standard LwM2M. It can be applied in various IoT scenario development as it is designed to easily simulate heterogeneous equipment, low-end sensors and gateways. Most of IoT Projects have issues which sensors and devices are deployed remotely or power/ resources handling is limited. Plus, some sensors and devices are connected specific protocol and/ or often there are limits to scalability. NeoIDM answers your requirements of these IoT projects.

Key Features

Easy connect with IoT Sensors & devices
Provides SDK for sensors, gateway, server and cloud
Provides various customer scenarios such as C, Java, Windows, Linux, and Firmware
No restriction on wireless communication method such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc.
Optimized standard protocols for low-end devices
Platform based on LwM2M(Lightweight M2M), a DM standard for IoT device management
Extension of services in various fields
Device monitoring, data transmission, failure detection
Device control under defined rules, device control by unit or group
Firmware history management
Enhanced IoT Device Security
Improved security by supporting CoAP-based DTLS encryption communication
Easy to service extension
Works seamlessly with a stand-alone server or with Microsoft Azure to easily scale to global services
Implement service model combined with various business scenarios such as voice service, AI service integration

Service architecture

MDS Pacific provides IoT integration construction and consulting service to enable data collection and device control for heterogeneous devices. Integrating IoT service elements such as sensor communication, network infra, big data and cloud with the existing system, MDS provides efficient and intelligent end to end solution.

Comparison table of device management protocols

Feature IoT Standard for Device Management Mobile Device Device Management Standard in ADSL
App Data Support Supported Unsupported Unsupported
Type of Device Sensor Node Mobile Device Gateway STP Gateway
Payload Binary or JSON XML XML
Security Channel DTLS TLS TLS

NeoIDM acknowledged by OMA

NeoIDM has been acknowledged as an excellent platform to comply with the LwM2M standard with a top-level rating in the TestFest, interoperability test hosted by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA).
NeoIDM is Korea’s first device management platform for IoT that has end-to-end compatibility from client to server.

View OMA Test Fest Results

OMA ‘TestFest’ is an annual event global companies participate to verify the completeness and compatibility of the various wireless Internet standards enacted and announced by OMA

Major market

Smart Home
Home Appliance
Heating/ Cooling
Digital door lock
Gas circuit breaker

Smart parking
Car sharing service
Remote metering
Smart traffic light
Smar streetlamp

Digital signage
Courier service

Asset Mgmt
Vending machine

Smart Car
Vehicle management
Vehicle remote diagnosis
Fleet management

Smart building
Security system
CCTV, Surveillance

Health check device (Blood pressure/ Sugar)
Electric body fat analyzer

Environment monitoring
Pollution degree
Weather forcast
Natural disaster forecast

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