Windows Embedded POS Ready 7

Windows Embedded POSReady 7 is an operating system optimized for Point of Service solutions that unleashes the power of Windows 7 platform delivering attractive and compelling user experiences, simplifying management and deployment and ease of connection to the familiar world of Windows. POSReady 7 evolves the usefulness of traditional POS devices, going beyond inventory tracking and tendering, helping to provide comprehensive information access to in-store staff and assisting retailers in dealing with today’s challenges while preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities.


Key benefits of Windows Embedded POSReady 7

Application Control POSReady 7 addresses the growing desire for a higher degree of application control; businesses that demand the highest level of protection can use AppLockerTM, a simple and flexible mechanism that allows administrators to specify exactly what is allowed to run on their Point of Service device. As a result, AppLocker provides not only security protections but also operational benefits.
Data Protection POSReady7 provides advanced capabilities for IT to protect corporate data and enable cost effective security Businesses using POSReady 7 need not worry as much about the loss of sensitive data because, in addition to helping protect internal hard disks of their Point of Service device with BitLocker, these businesses can also use BitLocker To Go to encrypt external hard disks and thumb drives.
PCI Compliance POSReady 7 operating system provides the tools to help Retailers meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance. POSReady 7 allows retailers to remove feature packages reducing the attack surface areas of Point of Sale devices, which helps retailers comply with PCI. In the event the store environment needs to change in the future due to some new requirements, POSReady 7 delivers the flexibility to add back the system feature packages that were originally removed allowing for rapid adoption of new technology in store.
For network lockdown, POSReady 7 contains the traditional firewall security, and all of the Windows 7 updates to Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. This allows the IT professional to block unauthorized network traffic flowing in and out of each device. It also works with Network Awareness so that IT can apply security settings appropriate to the types of networks to which the device is connected.
Simplifying deployment and management POSReady 7 allows you to extend your existing investments in management and infrastructure. Your Point of Service device can be a member of the Active Directory (AD) domain, and allow AD group policies to be applied, , thereby giving you the same seamless management and control of your in store device that you would expect from your Windows PCs and servers

Endless Possibilities: Point of Service devices with rich immersive user experiences

User Experience POSReady 7 includes Windows Presentation Foundation, a User Interface Framework that provides the flexibility to build exciting and innovative user experiences. POSReady 7 includes support for multi-gesture touch interfaces and context aware applications using the sensor development kit to provide a touch sensitive user interface to build Point of Service devices that would easily attract customers with eye-catching graphics while still being familiar, intuitive and easy to perform any transaction as quickly as possible.
Extend web capabilities Through Internet Explorer 8 protected mode and phishing filter, POSReady 7 provides increased security (compared to POSReady 2009) while connecting to the Internet. POSReady 7 also improves the multimedia experience of the Point of Service device by including the Windows Media Player 12 and other enhancements, such as bandwidth reservation for a seamless media experience.
Build premium Point of Sale devices Windows Embedded POSReady7 includes support for 64 bit (x64) CPUs in addition to the 32bit (x86) to build high-end Point of Service devices. The product includes a number of features that can take advantage of the high-end graphics engines that are on the device, such as a very intuitive and innovative Aero interface.
Develop “green” solutions through smart power management Improvements in power management in POSReady 7 ensure background activities are reduced thereby helping the Point of Sales processor to conserve power by remaining idle more often and turning off power to your Ethernet adapter when it’s not being used. Additionally POSReady 7 offers smart power management APIs, which help developers build power efficient applications. POSReady 7 also includes the tools for OEMs and Retailers to deliver solutions that help save energy costs, and reduce environmental impact.

Seamless connectivity: Point of Service devices seamlessly connecting to the familiar world of Windows

Efficient Store Operations POSReady 7 eases connection between the store and Corp HQ helping to improve business insight by providing people with ready access to the information they need to make better, timelier decisions. The result is more effective management, cost savings, increased employee productivity, improved security and customer satisfaction.
POSReady 7 delivers BranchCache which can help increase network responsiveness of centralized applications when accessed from remote stores, giving staff in the branch store the experience of working on your local area network. BranchCache also helps reduce wide area network (WAN) utilization. (Note this capability is delivered through the combination of POSReady 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2).
Increase Interoperability and seamless experience for client server scenarios POSReady 7 includes Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 7.1, which provides a seamless remote experience on a Point of Sale solution. With this feature, users can access a server based infrastructure such as Microsoft Session Virtualization.
POSReady 7 allows you to extend your existing investments in management and infrastructure. Your Point of Sale devices can be a member of the Active Directory (AD) domain, and allow AD group policies to be applied, giving you the seamless management and control of your in store device as you would expect from your Windows PCs and servers.
POSReady 7 provides IT with a wide range of tools from advanced image management to robust Group Policy settings to further reduce costs and complexity of managing Point of Service devices. POSReady 7 also comes with compatibility with management systems such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and other third party management software, allowing you to reuse your existing investments.
POS Peripheral interoperability Deploy retail device peripherals using plug-n-play, update peripherals more easily, and decrease point of sale system support costs through streamlined integration. POSReady 7 integration with independent hardware is easy using the plug and play support for POS peripherals provided by POS for .NET. POS for .NET provides an open device driver architecture that is based upon the Unified Point of Service (UPOS) industry standard.
POS for .NET supports all 36 device categories specified by the standard, including barcode scanners, magnetic stripe readers (MSR), radio frequency identification (RFID) readers, receipt printers, scales, line displays, and more.

System requirement

Processor Architecture Support for x86 and x64 processor architectures
Latest Desktop Technology innovations Internet Explorer 8
Windows Media Player 12
Remote Desktop Protocol 7.1
Application Compatibility Applications and drivers for Windows 7 can work on Windows Embedded POSReady 7 without difficult, expensive, and time-consuming porting effort
Enterprise Connectivity and Manageability Support for Active Directory, Group Policies, Network Access Protection, and IPv6 to enable connectivity, Manageability with System Center Configuration Manager, System Center Operations Manager, Windows Embedded Device Manager 2011 and Windows Server update Services
Rich Immersive User Experiences Rich, interactive user experiences with Windows Aero and Windows Touch. A stable Windows Presentation Foundation for building new and innovative experiences
Improved Power Management Smart power management APIs which help developers build power efficient applications.
Plug-n-Play Peripheral capability .POS for .NET provides an open device driver architecture that is based upon the Unified Point of Service (UPOS) industry standard

Major Market

  • Point of Service
  • Sophisticated Digital Sinage devices
  • Kiosk



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