Innodisk Flash Disk

It is a data storage using flash memory so it can replace hard disk. It has been alternatively using rather than HDD in POS, STB, CNS, KIOSK industries which essentially require mobility, Minimum size and system reliability.


Flash Disk is reasonably appropriate to embedded system which requires high reliability due to the below advantages.

  • Anti-Shock/Anti-Vibration by using flash memory disk as a hard disk
  • Strong maintenance under harsh environment like dust etc
  • Enable to minimize and simplify your product
  • Competitive price for Small Size disk under 2GB
  • Minimize power consumption
  • Silence


  • Reliable system with Minimum weight / Minimum size
  • DSS (Digital Signage System)
  • IPC
  • DVR
  • POS
  • Thin client
  • Web / Internet Terminal
  • Portable Webpad

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