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The Leader of Embedded Solutions
MDS Pacific

MDS Pacific, the leader of embedded solutions provides customers with worldwide leading-edge embedded solutions and aim to help customers to reduce time-to-market with improved quality by providing the most effective total solutions for wide range of embedded industries such as automotive, retail, industrial, healthcare, etc.



MDS Pacific was founded by its parent company, Hancom MDS, a Microsoft Windows IoT official distributor in Korea as well as the leader of embedded solution companies offering a comprehensive set of leading edge embedded systems with over thousands of customer in Korea including Samsung, Hyundai motors, LG, KT and SKT. Hancom MDS believes MDS Pacific will be able to extend the success stories of Hancom MDS, and to provide the best Windows embedded services to the customers in above regions.



The Hancom group noting the need launched it first business with the first digitalization of Hangul (the native Korean written language). This marked the beginning and a major historical accomplishment in South Korea’s IT development. With its fledging start in the 90s, Hancom Group dominated the Korean public sector with its unrivaled and innovative software prowess. Today, 30 years later this, too, has continued to be a driving force in the evolution of e-Government environment.

Taking a leap forward beyond Korea, Hancom group has become a global respected ICT solutions provider. Hancom Group strives with its integration experience and know-how to open up the world with its line-up of innovative products, including future technology evolution engines: Cloud, AI, IoT, Drone, Robots and more.


Based on the 4th Industrial Revolution

Continuing to strive and overcomechallenges
for a better tomorrow


30th Anniversary f the Hancom establishment
Ranked as the first brand among Korean Brand Star in the
software category
Listed on “Korea Top 100 brands” as 87th
Establishment of Hancom Intelligence
Establishment of Hancom Financial Exchange

2018 - 2019

Expansion of B2C service

Diversifying new businesses and creating


Establishment of Hancom Investment


Acquisition of Hancom Mobility Establishment of Accufly. AI (Joint Venture with iFlytek China)


nducted into Korea’s Top business “Hall of Fame” in the most innovative category

2016 - 2017

With encompassing software and hardware

Transform to an ICT convergence group


Acquisition of Hancom Teladin


Establishment of Hancom Talkafe


Acquisition of Hancom Lifecare and Hancom Robitcs


Awarded “Top World Class 300 Exemplary Company”by the Ministry of SMEs & Startups

2005 - 2015

as Korea's leading software company

base as a comprehensive software business


Acquisition of Hancom Teladin


Acquisition of Hancom Inc.
Awarded Korea’s new Growth Engine Category


Acquisition of Hancom MDS


Acquisition of Hancom GMD


Launch of Hancom Interfree

1989 - 1990

he first digitalization of Hangul

Establish Korean national identity with digitalization


launched Hancom 1.0, World’s first comprehensive word processor suite


Established Hancom Group

Business Area

MDS Pacific offers a complete line of full-featured embedded software, hardware solutions and software testing solutions as well as Microsoft Windows Embedded Operating System licenses as a Microsoft authorized distributor. It also provides technical services based on system integration, consulting, training and seminar to guide you through every step of development process. Furthermore MDS Pacific is expanding its business to Big Data, IoT, Cloud and Security solutions following the latest IT convergence trend.