Windows 7 for Embedded Systems

Windows Embedded Enterprise powers dedicated embedded devices that require Windows application compatibility and the flexibility to deploy a custom user interface. When footprint size is not an issue, developers use Windows for Embedded Enterprise for its visual and differentiated user interfaces, connectivity capabilities, and reliability in building secure applications. In 2009, Windows 7 for Embedded Systems was released and in 2011 the first Service Pack was released. It also provides two product choices: Windows 7 Professional SP1 for Embedded Systems and Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 for Embedded Systems.


Application compatibility Supports standard off-the-shelf Win32 applications, drivers or services written using Win32/64 APIs and the .NET Framework, with no porting required.
Windows 7 adds many new features for application compatibility, such as Virtual XP Mode, VHD Boot, and support for GDI/DirectX Blending.
Plug and Play
and Peripheral Interoperability
Supports numerous device peripherals, including sensors, scanners, card readers, keyboards, printers, lights, motors, and actuators. Deploy device peripherals, update peripherals more easily, and decrease system support costs through streamlined integration.
With Windows 7, Sensor and Location devices can easily be connected to appliances and managed through the DeviceCenter. Added support for Multi- Touch screens allows for new user experiences and OEM differentiating options.
Security Features Provide enterprise-class manageability and customer-level device protection with security updates. Integrate robust security features into your device easily with Windows’s built-in security features. Supported by Windows Update.
Windows 7 adds new security and device protection features such as AppLocker, Bitlocker to Go, Biometrics, and improved UAC support.
Enterprise Integration Connect your device to enterprise environments with DirectAccess and keep them remotely independent with BranchCache.
Language Support Includes Multilingual User Interface (MUI) support for OS menu items and applications.

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