Windows Embedded 8 Standard

Windows Embedded 8 Standard is a modular operating system that provides enterprise and device manufacturers the freedom to choose which capabilities will be part of their industry devices and intelligent system solutions. Based on Windows 8, Windows Embedded 8 Standard features technologies to create rich, multi-touch experiences that keep customers engaged and employees informed and productive as weel as lockdown tools to ensure it's gargeted, secure and consistent.


Visually rich Create rich line-of-business applications with the user-friendly appearance of Windows 8 style apps.
Custom branding feature allows you to customize the entire look and feel of your device.
Secure and reliable Protection from malware and unauthorized attempts to access devices with trusted boot, bitlocker, windows defender and other security measures.
Modular and flexible Leverage special-purposed devices to meet your unique needs through the modular platform format, supporting the right level of granularity with more than 150 intuitive feature packages.
Targeted and consistent Deliver a targeted experience and ensure consistent configuration with embedded specific lockdown features such as unified write filter, gesture filter and app launcher.

Key Benefits

  • Create a custom operating system image to deliver the necessary functionality for the device.
  • Provide device users with a unique and powerful branded experience.
  • Deliver an immersive, natural, and multitouch user experience.
  • Reduce custom development and help secure your device from unintended interactions with advanced lockdown features.
  • Run your existing Windows line-of-business applications or create a new experience with Windows 8 style apps.
  • Improve mobility and access with new power management and wireless technologies.
  • Use the enhanced security technologies to protect your device, data and network.
  • Access IT systems and the cloud to keep devices connected to the information that matters most.
  • Manage the device alongside PCs and services with Microsoft System center.
  • Improve time to market with new operating.

Major Market

OEMs can leverage the benefits made available through Windows Embedded 8 Standard to build and deliver a wide variety of solutions including

  • Automated manufacturing
  • Kiosks
  • Digital signage
  • Thin clients



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