T1 timing suite

State of the art timing analysis with industry-harden methods and tools. T1 empowers and enables. T1 is the most frequently deployed timing tool in the automotive industry, being used for many years in hundreds of mass-production projects. As a worldwide premiere, the ISO 26262 ASIL‑D certified T1-TARGET-SW allows safe instrumentation based timing analysis and timing supervision. In the car. In mass-production.


  • Timing measurement (e.g. max., min., average net execution times)
  • Target-side timing verification (supervision)
  • Automated timing tests
  • Coverage of requirements, which arise from ISO 26262
  • Implementation of the AUTOSAR Timing Extensions (TIMEX)
  • Timing debugging: quickly detect and solve even awkward timing problems
  • Exploration of free capacity, in order to verify the timing effects of additional functionality before implementation, for example
  • Investigation of dataflows and event chains and synchronization effects in multi-core projects
  • Tracing of timing and functional problems without halting the target, particularly valuable in multi-core projects where it may be impractical to halt a single core


consists of the T1 target software part (T1-TARGET-SW), which runs on the target system, and the T1 host software part (T1-HOST-SW), which runs on the PC. The T1-TARGET-SW uses highly efficient instrumentation to obtain timing-relevant information and delivers this to the T1-HOST-SW on the PC. “Highly efficient” can be quantified: in a typical 32-bit automotive application, the T1 instrumentation adds between 0.2% and 0.8% CPU Load.

Product composition by type

  • T1 consist of several components called plug-ins.
  • T1 Dlay : Injection of net excution time
  • T1 diff :Monitoring times as a project progresses
  • T1 scope : The oscilloscop for your software
  • T1 mod : on-line data access
  • T1 cont : on-target timing analysis and supervision
  • T1 test : timing veriication at the RTOS and code level
  • T1 flex : flexible on-target timing measurement

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