Hancom Works

A secure solution for office productivity and enterprise-wide collaboration

All‑in‑one: Security, productivity, and collaboration

Hancom and Nextcloud have partnered to deliver Hancom Works, a fully‑integrated, self‑managed collaboration platform that can be securely deployed at enterprise scale on‑premises or in a private cloud. Take enterprise productivity to the next level – without risking data security or regulatory compliance.


Hancom Works includes professional‑class office productivity applications with a familiar interface and unparalleled Microsoft Office compatibility, enabling real‑time co‑authoring from any platform, device, or operating system.

Boost productivity through
secure online collaboration

Hancom Works puts all the productivity and enterprise collaboration tools you need in one place. Create and collaborate on documents, send and receive emails, manage your calendar, and have text and video chats without compromising data security.

Why Hancom Works?

Hancom Works offers a secure collaboration solution with enterprise‑class productivity tools that is far more cost‑effective than any other professional‑grade solution available – on-premises or in the cloud.

  •     Fully self‑managed enterprise‑grade solution
  •     Deployable on‑premises or in a private cloud
  •     Supports all modern user devices and operating systems
  •     Access control and data protection features
  •     Unparalleled MS Office document interoperability
  •     Desktop, mobile and web clients
  •     Flexible licensing terms

Meet enterprise‑grade challenges

Hancom Works has been built and optimized for enterprises and professional organizations that need more security and control than public cloud offerings can provide. Your teams gain the professional-grade collaboration services they need—from email and chat to content creation and file-sharing—while your enterprise gains the security, confidentiality and compliance features it needs, all in one self-managed platform.

Take control of your sensitive data without losing the efficiencies enabled by collaboration systems. Hancom Works scales to support hundreds of millions of users yet remains more cost-effective than other solutions.

  •     Host Hancom Works as an on premises or private cloud content collaboration platform
  •     Ensure security and confidentiality for users with two factor authentication, data encryption, session management, and more
  •     Protect data at rest and in flight with proactive threat detection systems based on the latest machine learning threat analysis techniques
  •     Control data storage location, retention and access policies
  •     Control data locality, retention and access
  •     Integrate Hancom Works into existing optimized workflow and infrastructure

Supported platforms