Hancom Office

Productivity and collaboration solution providing consistent experience across all platforms, devices, and operating systems.


Hancom Office 2020 allows you to freely edit documents in a variety of standard formats from anywhere, whether at home or abroad.


Synced with local/online dictionaries
Real-time dictionary search to check AutoText and meanings of words
The meaning of an entered word is searched at the same time, and registered AutoText is entered in real time
Insert web video
Include video files or connect them with a link
Plays video files using links available on a local drive or website
Convert into braille
Converts general documents into braille even without a braille conversion program
Reduce your work time
Provides the user a variety of editing tools
Dedicated formula editor allows entry and editing of formulas, including complicated symbols
Features ability to print a document consisting of several pages in book form
Enhanced document-sharing feature
Permits registration of documents worked on with Hancom Office without needing to access a web blog
Simply register text, URL links, and images to an SNS account


Pivot table upgrade
Pivot table allows sorting and filtering only the needed data from a large volume
Simply add a calculation field to the pivot table being worked on
Conditional formatting
Highlight the cells and cell range corresponding to certain conditions to easily identify data
Apply data bars and icons and use the hue feature to analyze data simply
Small chart provided displays figures in the table as simple patterns
Modifications to original data readily recognized on the screen and expressed in data
Powerful documentation
Edit vertical text input, inclination/curvature etc. freely
Copy and paste data to a sheet as an image entity
Add images to headers/footers in page setup to insert when printing out the document


Express yourself
Hancom Office NEO Hanshow’s unique screen movement gives you more impressive presentations
Feature of changing the text direction and underlining style properties, case sensitive properties to express texts in various ways
Master animation
Reduce document working time through the application of master text and entities
Uses the newest animation engine to enhance speed of execution
Insert screenshots
Capture other working screens with Hanshow running and simply insert them into the document being worked on
Quick and efficient: capture the entire screen and select only part of it to utilize
Add customized shapes
Create needed shapes or group frequently-used shapes for easy management

System Requirements

Item Specifications
OS Windows 7/8/10 OS X Yosemite (10.10 or Higher) Android (4.5 or Higher) IOS (9.0 or Higher)
HDD 3.5GB or Higher 300 MB or Higher 660MB 168MB