Hancom Lifecare

PPE(Personal Protective Equipment) & CBRN Solution in Korea since 1971, covering public & industrial markets.

PPE Solutions

  • SCBA: SCA680E
  • Gas mask : K10
  • Firefighting suit : SCA1203N


Simple and easy to operate in various conditions by first responders and industrial fire-fighters.


FBO system

Allows the activation of SCBA without free flow air. Second stage regulator activates pneumatic system within first breath.

Low cost ownership

Single air line directly connect from first stage regulator to demand valve. Supports low cost of maintenance.

Integrated regulator

First stage regulator integrated with alarm. Simplified design guarantees low cost of ownership to maintain it.


Full-face mask
Material Mask EPDM rubber
Visor Polycarbonate
Frame Polyetherimide
Head strap Aramid
Type 6 tight point of Chin-strap
Angle of view 180°
Mounting type One-touch type
Weight Less than 850g
Material Body PA66 + glass fiber
Waist belt Aramid
Waist buckle Noryl
Cylinder belt Aramid
Gauge cover Silicon(resistance to heat)
Shoulder strap Aramid
Weight Less than 2.8kg
CE Standards EN137:2006, EN136:1998

Gas mask : K10 Military Gas Mask

Customized to outperform the requirements of NATO Triptych and suited to future battlefield environment.


Single vision

Wide field of vision and with enhanced user recognition, and flexible, scratch and impact resistant.

Dual canister

Reduced inhalation resistance in half, and compatible with single CBRN canister with DIN 40 thread.


Compatible with any military helmets, improved integration with corrective vision, voice amplifier or communication system.


Self-locking high flow drinking system and easy operation with lever.


  • Targeted Users : Military Organizations
  • Performance : Protects CBR particles and radioactive matter
  • Size : S, M, L, XL
  • Weight : <750g (approx.<1.65 Ib)
Protection against CBRN & anti-riot agents
Breathing resistance Face-piece & Canister 30L/min 50L/min 80L/min
Inhalation 10mmWG 17mmWG 27mmWG
Exhalation 5mmWG 8mmWG 11mmWG

Firefighting suit : SCA1203N

Allows fire-fighters to conserve energy and fully concentrate on saving lives in various incidents.

Made of 100% aromatic Polyamide textiles, and specially designed with innovative use of multiple thermal layer with excellent ventilation breathability, and flexibly extend fire-fighting effects by reducing heat stress.


Moisture Barriers

Moisture barrier with superior resistance to liquid penetration and allowing sweat to be emitted outward beyond the requirements of EN469..

  • Reduce heat stress through improved breathability
  • Excellent water proof function
  • Prevents common chemicals , blood-infected viruses, and moisture
  • Enhanced durability, heat resistance and flame resistance

Contoured collar

Contoured collar and engaged throat tab provide limited protection from heat, flame, and other hazards.

Ergonomic design

Special design in shoulder and sleeve areas allows higher level of freedom of movement.

Overhand wristlets

Overhand knitting wristlets support extra protection from heat radiation.

Elastic suspender

Elastic suspender and special braces help fire-fighters conserve energy by moving the weight of the trousers from the shoulder to the hips.


Data Sheet SCA1203N
Material Outer Shell Meta Aramid
Moisture Barrier E-PTFE + Aramid
Lining Aramid
Color Black, Gray, Red, Yellow
Weight Less than 3.0kg

Certification: CE(EN469:2005), MED