HORM function applied

  • no.2303
  • 2013-03-20

The order is deemed to be the same..
At the beginning a few times are OK.
As the scroll bar is progressing the hibernation is running at the next booting.
But when normally completing the system..
from then on when the hibernated at xpepm –hibernate,
the system is not applied as it is being re-booted.
Looking at the contents listed on the bulletin board, the command word “/h” is designed to be used at WES 7.
At “standard” the command is not enabled probably due to no use.;
xpepm -is possible..
but just /h is not available..
Please answer.

The order has been made as follows.
1. set  to use the maximum power saving mode at the control panel.
2. ewfmgr -activatehorm
3. ewfmgr c: -enable
4. xpepm -restart
A notepad is uploaded
5. xpepm -hibernate

.. At the beginning once or twice it was OK..
but if hibernated it would restart.

When a specific program is running I would like to hibernate.
Please help me with it.

The command words to activate HORM at Standard 7 and Standard 2009 are different.
After switching on powercfg /hibernate on at Standard 7 with the method to activate HORM, you should enter HORM at /h, and enter HORM at xpepm –hibernate at Standard 2009.
Of course, for both cases of OS the EWF function should have been enabled.
Your commented procedure is same as the one to apply HORM.
At the beginning a few time it was running well, but after normal completion when trying to apply HORM again it does not seem to work,
once again please check as the following procedure.
When attempting to apply HORM again using xpepm, EWF function should be disabled, and be enabled again, and then try to apply xpepm -hibernate.
In other words, after switching off and on EWF function, please check HORM function