What is in Windows XP Embedded with Service Pack 1?

  • no.2859
  • 2011-03-31
Windows Embedded with Service Pack 1 (SP1) adds a number of new features and functions to the original Windows XP Embedded release. These include: Embedded relevant updates from the Windows XP Professional SP1 release. Examples include: Security updates Support for the .NET Framework USB 2.0 Support for Internet Protocol version 6 Win HTTP services Embedded specific features, including: Remote Boot: Enables Windows XP Embedded clients to boot up image from a server and eliminates the need for client-side persistent media. Updates can also be centrally managed from the server. Device Update Agent (DUA): Management tool that enables users to service deployed Windows XP Embedded devices. Can run local or remote scripts that modify device settings or update system binaries. Proactive Footprint Analysis: Enables the developer to closely monitor the size of run-time image. By using the footprint estimator tool, developers can closely monitor the size of individual components and their dependencies prior to adding them to a configuration. System Deployment Image Manager: Enables users to deploy images to virtual disks, eliminating the need for increased client-side memory. By using System Deployment Image to Hard Drive (SDI2HD), users can easily deploy image updates to field by capturing an image on hard drive and subsequently transferring it to a removable storage medium, such as a CD.