Windows Embedded CE 5.0

Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 is an open, scalable, 32-big operating system (OS) that integrates reliable, real time capabilities with advanced Windows technologies. Windows CE allows you to build a wide range of innovative, small footprint devices. A typical Windows CE-based device is designed for a specific use, often runs disconnected from other computers, and requires a small OS that has a deterministic response to interrupts.


Shared success Low upfront investment, board source access and design flexibility
Knowledgeable worldwide partner base
Greater Productivity Native windows integration
Powerful development and emulation environments broad driver and CPU support (x86, mips, sh3/4, arm)
PQD effort, unified build
Integrated reliability Componentized, hard real-time operating system
System wide reliability and manageability
Extensive wireless support for secure connectivity
Increased Testing and Servicing Windows Error reporting, Windows CE Test Kit enhancements
Enhanced Security Threat modeling, default security, Advanced Encryption Standard included



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