Boot Partition Setting

  • no.2298
  • 2013-03-19
I wonder about setting boot partition size at TD. I am now using 4GB CF. The boot partition size was used at a basic value of 1024. As FBA is working well, and booting is in a good condition, in some cases when it is used Blue Screen(0x7B) will occur.(Once occurred it continues to occur.) Thus please confirm whether such a case can occur once the partition size is wrongly entered. When it is formatted with ufdprep /ntfs he partition is seen at 3.80GB. Then I wonder whether the setting value will have to be entered at 4000 of CF physical size 4GB, or whether it will have to be entered at 3000 of partition size after formatting. And when the partition size is wrongly entered, Blue screen 0x7Berror can occur? Thank you.