Is Windows CE source code available?

  • no.2849
  • 2011-03-31
The Windows CE Shared Source license is an easy-to-read license, which provides any developer with the rights to create and distribute Windows CE Shared Source derivatives for non-commercial purposes and to use the code as a reference for commercial purposes. The Windows CE Shared Source Program makes a substantial amount of source code available for Windows CE 3.0 and later versions. For Windows CE 4.2 and later versions, the source code is available "in the box" and simply requires a developer to "click-and-accept" a one page license. The volume of code that has been made available has grown over time from just over 400,000 lines of code in Windows CE 3.0 to over 2.0 million lines of code for Windows CE 4.2. However, in addition to providing an increasing volume of code, the types of code made available have remained significant. Components including the Explorer Shell, Bluetooth Stack, Wireless Network drivers, full Kernel code and File system/ storage code are all available via the Windows CE Shared Source Program. The program has provided numerous benefits to developers around the world. To date, there have been over 180,000 downloads of the Shared Source code. Windows CE includes full source code for the handheld PC-style shell, enabling OEM modifications.