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EnM Fast Boot

  • no.6951
  • 2013-02-27

EnM Fast Boot

:Fast Booting Solution for Windows Embedded CE

"EnMFastBoot" provides WinCE-based devices with fast booting solution that is based on Nand Flash memory.

It is the solution that the device of power-off state can be transited to on-state within 3-4 seconds.

It would be feasible to apply to Medical devices, Navigation, Automotive Infotainment System, Black Box, PDA and Wall-pad etc..

Major Features

- It is the pure software solution that doesn’t need any modification of hardware, so there would be no the extra cost and time needed

- Normal booting without Hibernate or Snapshot

- All applications work normally after fast booting

Release time

Initial work- within 6 weeks

Additional work – within 1 week