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DT10 for dynamic test

  • no.6950
  • 2013-02-27

DT10 for dynamic test

:Designing-Debugging-Testing Tool

Design, Debug and Test simultaneously – It is very convenient.

Light, convenient and a wide range of features such as function trace, task context switch capture, variable monitor, execution time and cycle time report, event trace and code coverage etc.

There is no dependency on CPU and OS.

Therefore, it can be utilized for any system and any environment. It is very easy to interface with any targets. It supports asynchronous bus, GPIO, Ethernet, SD I/F and UART as an interface.

DT10 is the tool not only for tracing and debugging but also designing. It would be feasible to compare the expected values with the real values.

In addition, DT10 can trace for a long term, even up to 30 days and provide many useful and convenient functions for analyzing the trace data effectively and efficiently.